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Fairview MB Church (FMB) is a place to connect with God and others and a place to belong to the family of God and group of believers. As you journey through life, look at the ways God is calling for your attention, time, talents, treasure and energy.  God through His Son, Jesus Christ, has a wonderful plan for your life, but we’ve got to pay attention to Him and invest yourself into time spent with Him and others who have the same plan in mind…..God’s plan.
Know that wherever you are in your journey, that you are not alone.  At FMB, people are waiting to help you connect to God and others.  Life in Christ will be a life-changing and rearranging journey that you will never regret.  Have a great time looking at the resources God has blessed us with to share with you. Come join in our worship and ministry opportunities. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor
The biggest struggle we all have in life is finding our identity.  Who am I? What’s my place in this world?  What’s this existence all about? While this struggle can take place any time in ones life, it seems to be the most intense during the middle school through college years.  These are often the formative years that set the course for the rest of our lives. It’s our goal to saturate young people with the love of God and the challenge of truly following Him during these years. We hope to help young people find their identity through the words of Jesus rather than the voices of our world. 
Worship Leader

Worship of God permeates the Bible. From the very beginning in Genesis to the very end in Revelation God is worshiped by His creation. Worship is the act of showing love and respect for our creator. It’s our goal to enter into that narrative through prayer, telling stories, singing, listening, learning…..the list could go on and on.  Worship isn’t relegated to just a moment in a service, but should be an ongoing expression of our lives. I hope that’s what we participate in here at FMB.